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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 12, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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little bit of rain but this system fell apart and that's the way this pattern is. however it would not surprise me to get more shower activity. here is sal. traffic is doing well and of course the wet roads may slow things down and let's take a live look at the road. traffic has been moving nicely. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving along san francisco but wet roads and you might want to leave yourself some extra time. let's go back to the -- let's go back to the desk. a woman gave birth on the street early this morning and went searching for help. here is more on this story, claudine? >> reporter: we are on third and ryan mckenzie and inside i just spoke to an employee who
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said it was around 2:00 a.m. when a woman showed up outside this gate bleeding and asking for help. he didn't want to show his face on cameras but here is what he said happened. >> 2:00 a.m. a woman showed upcoming into the facility, she asked for help, we say no, she was a woman about in her 30s. >> reporter: what did she look like? did she look hurt? >> she was crying, looked like she was just beaten up covered in blood. she said she just had a baby, i didn't see a baby in her hand. i go for help, i come back and she is walking off and that's when i called the police. >> now police did confirm a woman did give birth out on the
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street and when they got here a man was trying to flag down help. we do not know the condition of the baby or the mother. when we got here, they took the tape down just within the last half hour or so and left the scene. we are trying to get more information on the scene. we know a supervisor is at the hospital with the baby and the mother and we have been trying to talk to them to get more information and as we get that information we will be able to hear more coming up. we are learning more about a horrifying shooting in a portland oregon mall. >> well the motive for this shooting is still unclear. hundreds of christmas shoppers scattered when they heard the series of rapid fire shots. this cell phone video shows
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people clearing out as it happened yesterday afternoon. the mall santa claus heard shots and the shooter was firing an assault rifle. >> as soon as i heard more shots happened, i knew at that point we needed to lock up and get everybody in the back of the store. >> the shooter announced i am the shooter in between shots. >> the young woman involved is in serious condition. they did not fire any shots and that the shooter took his own life. >> we have tentatively identified the shooter. we will not release his name other than he is an adult male until we have 100% confirmed that identity. >> officers looked in the store and an estimated 10,000 people were at the mall during the
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shooting. it will remained closed throughout the day and as we learn more from this story we will of course bring it to you. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. somebody broke in and ran off with jewelry. coming up, two major road blocks are keeping investigators from cracking this case. around 8:40 police responded to a shooting south of the coliseum when officers arrived they found a man dead. police have not revealed an identity but called for a translator saying the victim was asian. they shot a woman in the 900 block of west oakland and she is listed in stable condition and in north oakland a man was shot and there are no arrests in any of these cases.
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san jose faces the highest murder rate in 20 years. at 3:00 a.m. billion called after getting is are of a car crash. they found a teen lying in the street. it appears the victim was stabbed. an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death. >> there is a lost weird angels. >> the victim is between 15 and 16 years old and no arrests have been made. they responded to a condominium overnight at about 10:30 last night. they only damaged one unit and they made it out safely and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.
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crab fisherman are out there live. crab better shift back out after reaching a new agreement on a wholesale price. for the last week they stayed ashore because people were not willing to pay $3.50 per pound and now the sale is backup and people can afford to pay morgan. >> we can't fish for less than $3 a pound on this crab and they've gotten enough for us to put us back to work so we are going back to work. >> some predict they could be coming in as early as tonight and they predict there will be plenty of crab for christmas. megabus includes whyfie an offers trips from los angeles to sacramento as well as trips
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from san jose to los angeles. the company briefly operated in 2007 but canceled due to a lack of demand. hopefully there are no major problems? >> there are no major problems but there are no accidents because of the wet road and the east shore freeway is off to a doesn't start. it was not raining when i drove in. there are definitely wet roads from what happened overnight. we have no major problems getting on to the bridge and into san francisco. in san jose north bound 280 traffic is doing well. i am in your face this morning, i am right in your face. i am going to step out of the
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way for a moment. we have an upstream system and our system is not doing much but highs will only be in the 50s. tonight scattered showers and this is a shower pattern of everything else has been arraign pattern -- a rain pattern. really the cold is the bigger story as we settle in. a lot of this could be favoring the colder areas. we are prod brush it. you can see scattered active out towards pleasanton and pushing off towards the big valley and santa clara valley as well. 41 santa rosa and there is a lot of 50s because of the cloud
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tore are cover and there is a lot coming out of the east west and there will be a lot coming out and inland maybe some low 50s for some we have a few cool grease coming in on sunday and monday as well. well repairs on a huge sinkhole are expected to be done sooner than scheduled. they contacted people who specialize in emergency repair work and his crews came in to work on that and the work could be done as early as christmas day. >> it could take months.
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there are almost a dozen parked cars on the streets below. people will be able to file claims against the city caused by that lake and repairs are estimated to be about $1 million. bound gagged and severely beaten. what we are learning about the suspects that makes this a specially unusual case. and outside the michigan lawmakers that bring chances to the union. >> good morning westbound, we will tell you more about the morning commute. >- .yĆ·$@y+o3vhpe
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. good morning, there is a little bit of rain out there,
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cold and breezy, high in the 50s. and time now 4:43, the man accused of kidnapping sierra lemar is scheduled to be arraigned on new charges. he faces three counts of kidnapping in connection with kidnapping three women in front of safe way stores. he is going to give a plea. and in connection to homicide, victims were bound and gag. a not her late teens -- a woman in her late teens was found and the woman remains in critical condition. they arrested two men on murder charges and meanwhile tyler miller and another woman is
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charged with accessory to murder. >> there was extensive relationship between the victims and the suspect. >> reporter: police are not saying where they were beaten and shot or why they were left in the street. they are confirming a long range rocket appears to have sent an object into orbit. this is new video of a massive victory parade in north korea to celebrate the successful rocket launch. the north korean government is a peaceful -- peaceful effort to launch it. they will decide how many in the next few weeks will stay in afghanistan after the combat mission ends in 2014. they did not give any options about what they are considering
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and they have indicated between 16 and 10,000 troops they would like to concentrate on afghan forces throughout the year. they are pushing right to work laws. union members tried to storm the state capital in lancing but troopers in riot gear would not let them through. they are delaying passage through a lame duck session throughout public hearings. >> since it is here, step up and get an answer. >> we have good wages without the right to work so this is basically a step backwards. >> mission becomes the 24th and they will require private sector work is to pay dues.
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they are discussing the latest proposals on the end of the year avoiding the fiscal cliff. they offered a new proposal offering the tax revenue to lower it to 4.1 trillion. house speaker john boehner disclosed his offer yesterday. and they are now planning ongoing public. that story is and coming up at 5:05. right now it is 4:46, john mcafee could soon return to the united states. he said a guatemala judge said his detension is illegal. he was detained after entering the country illegally to avoid detention in bail lease about -- belize about the questioning of his neighbor. police are getting
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stonewalled. a burglary or burglars bashed in a store with sledge hammers from the fine jewelry department. the alarm was tripped but they did not arrive until later. >> it would be helpful, the sooner the better and we would like to recover the jewelry. >> the same store was hit a few years ago. it was hit near macy's just a few years ago. and the shopping store in broadway plaza could be improved. and yahoo e-mail has a new look that is designed to make it easier and use. yahoo remains the top e-mail service but google is gaining ground. they had a key role when she worked for google.
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now the pope sent out his first tweet at 2:30 and it started out by saying, quote, i am pleased to get in touch with you by twitter. they have 1 million followers in english and four other languages. it is the date many couples have been waiting for. thousandels are expected to tie the knot on 12 / 12 / 12. doctors are also seeing an increase in the number of cesarian birth and if you didn't get -- births and if you didn't get it, you can always fix that. you will never forget your anniversary date, sal would you if you were married on 12 / 12
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/ 12? >> you never know, you always need remindders. you should give yourself extra time and driving on the roads could be tricky and stopping distance will be a little bit greater and right now we don't have that many crashes but we have slower speeds because of the wet roads. the traffic is moving along relatively well. we are getting word of a minor accident on 87 northbound 101 in san jose which is already on the shoulder with minor injuries. southbound that traffic looks okay driving from concord to walnut creek. let's go to steve. >> sal, december, there are a lot of baseball things going on. >> yes, sir, i saw that. we have a weak system coming in and upstream coming down from the northwest and this might favor coastal areas but we will mention scattered showers and we have pretty good
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cold air bumped up and we have light rain here, emphasis on light rain and it will push off east and south and we see a little bit of rain, danville, towards fremont and milpitas, not a lot, the cold air will be the big story. 40s and 50s and i expect to see some of these lows drop in the next few hours. the system is looking like this pattern is like a fast moving cold system not much rain but all the way to christmas and one of these systems gets stronger. it looks to be a good system all the way to tuesday. scattered showers, snow levels we can get a little moisture with 3500 feet. only in the 50s and that
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northwest wind with 50s and highest temperatures will be around the bay and also around the coast. chilly breezy day looks like late saturday into sunday a cold rain and temperatures are staying below average. well, it is an issue that is pitting neighbor against neighbor. the outcome centered around marijuana growers. and around the coast, the scientific research can help with the so called king tide.
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. the city of concord has moved one step closer to outdoor marijuana grows. all five on the city council agreed they should review a similar ban in another city. they will drop the ban before it returns to the city council before a final vote. >> you get a little worried after the break-in somebody else will come with a gun and that's the worst case scenario. >> the issue of a ban came after the complaints about odor and concerns about crime.
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they will close in the coming weeks. the issue was in clayton and they are expected to shut down next month. they voted unanimously to close the stations in order to save about $3 million a year. it comes after they voted for a partial tax to help keep the stations open. the so called king tides are expected to peak tomorrow and you could help track themment we are already looking at bigger than normal tides. in marin county it has also flooded and the california king tide initiative is asking them to help create the initiative to help show what climate may look like today. >> you can share your photos with scientists and just look on today's hot topics. >> you watch tides appear
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because you are a surfer, right? >> yes, a little bit. all right, 4:55 is the time, sal, how is the traffic. >> i am doing fine, pam and dude. it is going to be slow in some areas and i want to take you to some live pictures here in oakland, no major problems as you are driving on 880 northbound and southbound on the right it is a little bit wet out there because of the rain. southbound traffic here that is a little bit wet too and our camera is wet and windy too. there may be some gusty winds and be careful and use common sense if you will. southbound san jose that traffic is starting off with no major problems and we have a minor crash on the shoulder in
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trumpel. >> we will still have off and on showers on the coast and that seems to where the greatest instability lies. probably more cold and wind than anything else. we have a couple of scattered showers there and yonder. we will have some good build ups and santa rosa is over 38 degrees and we have a little bit of rain and i think a lot of these temperatures will continue to drop as the cold air has yet to arrive. our weak system is going by and this will filter in that colder air and that will bring us more scattered showers. colder and windy, high pressure to the north and he doesn't
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like it. highs in the 50s, chilly breezy and the same on friday, it looks like a stronger system and i would hope so this one is pretty weak. again early into next week it looks as active as this week. coming up next, we are following breaking news from san jose. right now police are investigating a crash involving a baby and a pickup truck. a woman gave birth on a street which has led to a major investigation, stay with us.
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